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The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete was created by Elizabeth and her two friends, Adam Campbell and Uri Lotan at Ringling College of Art and Design.

The film was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Student Film, won the CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best Student Film, Grand Prize in G-Technology's "Driven Creativity" awards competition, the Best of Ringling President's Award, and a student grant from The National Board of Review. It is screening in film festivals across the world including LA Shorts Fest, Bath Film Festival, Siggraph Asia, St. Louis International Film Fest, and the Austin Film Festival.

Shadow Machine produced four stop-motion commercials and two animated banner ads for Secret Weapon Marketing and SoCal Honda Dealers for the Happy Honda Days 2013 winter campaign. The holiday commercials were created to be stylistically reminiscent of the classic Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. The four commercials are viewable online: Angel, Penguin, Max, and Chimney.

Elizabeth worked on the project as a puppet fabricator. Most responsibilities were for the six Honda Guy puppets and included armature work, cleaning/seaming/preparing foam castings, latex application, boot prep/detail/finishing, color matching, painting, and other miscellaneous tasks that arose during the project. She continues to work with Shadow Machine as a freelance Fabricator and Animator.

Red Bull Kluge is a collaboration between Syyn Labs and Red Bull Media House which takes the idea of the traditional Rube Goldberg Machine and throws athletes into the mix.

The machine was assembled at El Toro, a decommisioned air force base in Irvine, CA and shot in one day. The video garnered over 8 million views in its first week online. Early on, Elizabeth worked with Syyn Labs to bring the script to life through storyboards and then later re-boarded the production as parts became finalized and the path of the ultimate arm camera tightened. When not drawing she assisted in the building, testing, and resetting of the machine. Watch the making of. After the Kluge Elizabeth worked with Red Bull Media House as a freelance storyboard artist for Anthony Davis' arsenal on the court - Slow motion sequence shot.

Elizabeth first joined JibJab for an internship in the summer of 2011. It was totally rad. There she met a lot of awesome artists and friends and got to work on a ton of projects. She continues to work for JibJab via freelance.

With JibJab, Elizabeth has worked in a variety of animation styles like stop motion, hand drawn 2D, and After Effects puppet animation while doing everything from story and art to animation and compositing. She built and animated "Sick Tissues", fully produced "Gotta Hand it to You", animated "Cake Goal" made backgrounds for and put the final touches on "Tie the Knot", and animated "Don't Lose a Kidney". She also provided extra work and assistance for a bunch of other ecards including "Winter Wonderland", "Buttcracker", "Sled Race", and a bunch of other stuff yet to be released.